Thursday, April 17, 2014

Daily FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Picks - 4/18 Squeeze

I wanted to do an early post for 4/18.  I finished 20th out of over 10,000 entries in the Squeeze tournament today.  It looks like one reader was cool enough to enter my lineup as well.  For that, he earned himself over $70 for his $2 investment.  If you want proof, (other than simply reading yesterday's post) here's a link to last night's Squeeze results.  I'm riding a hell of a hot streak the last week or so.  It will probably even out eventually, but my picks have been pretty solid lately.  It would behoove you to roll with some of my selections in the near future.

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I'll try to get my picks up pretty early tomorrow.  I hate making selection this far before the games start.  Way too much can change between now and then, so it's pretty fruitless.

Picks coming soon...

On the road today so I apologize for any misspellings in advance.  Here's what I plan on rolling with so far tonight.  I'll check the lineups and adjust accordingly, but I'll try to update you all if I do.  

P - sonny gray

C - john jaso 

1b - Chris colabello 

2b - mark Ellis

3b - Pedro Alvarez 

Ss - everth Cabrera

Of - Carlos Gonzalez - pick of the day.  I guarantee 5 or more points tonight.  Problem is that he's going to be very heavily owned 

Of - Giancarlo Stanton 

Of - dayan viciedo 

Daily FanDuel Baseball Picks - 4/17 - Late Squeeze

My epic streak came to an end yesterday.  I put 5 entries into the Squeeze and only got $6 back.  Not a big loss, but I had a streak of 6 days finishing in the black overall for the day.  Not much time for details today, but here's my lineup.  I'm stacking the TOR@MIL game and the TAM@NYY pretty hard.

P - James Shields - should be heavily owned, so beware.  He has tendencies to give up homers, is away, and going against the Astros "ace" - there are a lot of red flags here, but still an outstanding matchup that you need to take advantage of

C - Dioner Navarro

1B - Matt Adams

2B - Brian Dozier

3B - Evan Longoria - also will probably be owned in 40% of leagues tonight with the past numbers against CC.  If you're going with multiple lineups, make a couple without him just to set yourself apart from the rest of the field.  If he fails tonight, you'll be in great shape.

SS - Yunel Escobar - value play with awesome numbers against lefties named CC

OF - Wil Myers - busts out in a big way today against the struggling Sabathia

OF - Jose Bautista - striking fear into the hearts of baseballs everywhere.  Put him in wherever you have the money today against the weak. Twins starter.

OF - Alfonso Soriano - I think he gets into one against Price tonight

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Daily FanDuel Picks - 4/16 - Squeeze

Welcome back!  I've got a nice streak going with the Squeeze tournament.  I won $18 last night - sorry I didn't have time to post a lineup yesterday.  Work got in the way.  I'll totally redeem myself and post a winning lineup for you all today!

It looks like we're going to have 11 games to choose from in the Squeeze tonight.  We've also got a double-header sprinkled in there.  I hate picking from the second game of a doubleheader because lineups normally aren't posted until right before game time and regular starters sometimes sit out.  The TOR@MIN games looks like it will be washed out, but we'll keep an eye on that one.  I'll get some winning picks posted for you in the early afternoon.

Picks coming SOON...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Daily FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Picks - 4/14

Good morning daily baseball fans!  We had a decent day yesterday.  If we could have gotten anything out of Soriano and Stanton, it would have been an outstanding day.  I see that some of you guys finished in the money right along with me in the Squeeze yesterday.

Weather looks like it could be an issue again today, so keep on eye on the rain before setting your finals rosters.  These two games could be impacted:


Today is a short schedule, so I'll probably throw four or five different lineups in the Squeeze tonight.  I've had a few top 10 finishes, but I've never taken first place.  I'll get today's picks up later this afternoon per the usual.  Stay tuned...

This is my favorite stack until I get scared off by the weather.  We'll see what happens.

P - Ervin Santana - He tossed a gem his last time out and is a crazy good value today.  He has a chance to get roughed up away from home, but he still has great odds at snatching up a win.

C - Wilin Rosario - He goes against Stults tonight.  I think this is going to be a high scoring game for both sides.

1B - Freddie Freeman - He has been on fire lately and his price has yet to completely reflect that.  I'm banking on the Braves to score in bunches tonight.

2B - Brandon Phillips - He's very moderately priced and hitting third tonight against the lefty.  Easy odds to meet his value.

3B - Todd Frazier - My favorite pick yesterday did nothing.  I like his matchup again today and he's hitting cleanup.

SS - Elvis Andrus - The Rangers are going to put up some good numbers tonight at home against the rookie.

OF - Alex Rios - I think he's a steal at this price.  He's also hitting at home against a rookie lefthander.

OF - Justin Upton - He just keeps hitting.  There's no reason to take him out of your lineup yet.

OF - Michael Choice - Cheap-o outfield pick.  Has a great shot a some big numbers as tonight's starting DH.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Daily FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Picks - 4/13 - Squeeze

I've got a good streak going.  I finished in the money in both the early and late Squeeze tournaments.  I'm sorry I wasn't able to get a lineup posted for the evening games in time.  There are a bunch of interesting games today and the weather looks like it may make things interesting.  A lot of the midwest is going to be blanketed by storms after noon or 1pm.

Keep your eye on these games.  They have potential for rainout or delays.  Be especially careful if you're selecting a pitcher from one of these:

CLE@CHI - good chance at a rainout
KC@MIN - might get the game in, but scattered rain expected throughout
CHI@STL - has my favorite pitching matchup, but I don't like the odds of this one getting in
HOU@TEX - should get the game in, but delays expected

The weather effectively takes two of my favorite pitching matchups off the table today - Michael Wacha and Martin Perez.  Keep an eye on the weather up till game time to see if anything changes.

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P - Tony Cingrani - He threw a stinker his last time out and absolutely has a chance to throw another one today.  I'm going to roll the dice on this lefty fastballer against a struggling team that has never seen him before.  Both of these teams have been unable to put runs on the board lately, but the Rays starter will hopefully change that for us today.  Awesome control and supreme K numbers should make this a fun game today.

C - Devin Mesoraco - He got the day off yesterday, but should be back in the lineup today against the young lefty.  His price hasn't gone up yet, so there's a crazy amount of value here if the bat stays hot today.

1B - Adam Lind - Not my favorite 1B matchup today, but we could do a lot worse.  Ubaldo can struggle at times and Lind only costs us $3,000.  He won't have to do much to meet value today.

2B - Chase Utley - Utley has been on fire lately.  I'm going to ride the hot hand here, even though I have to pay more than I would like for it.  Alvarez has struggled against hitters like him in the past.

3B - Todd Frazier - He's my feel-good pick of the day.  Awesome value here and I think Ramos is going to have a very tough time getting him out.  I could see a multi-homer game here even.  Then again, this is baseball.  There's just a good of a chance of an 0-4 with 3Ks.

SS - Everth Cabrera - All he has to do is get on base.  He's a great against-the-grain pick today against Mad Max and the Tigers.  He's not going to get his points all at once, but if he can get a couple singles or walks, he's going to run all over these Tigers.

OF - Alfonso Soriano - I love my OF picks here.  I picked Soriano before I looked at his PvB numbers, but now I am liking him even more today.  Soriano is great against pitchers like Doubront and his prior numbers against him confirm that.

OF - Giancarlo Stanton - I picked him a day too late.  He hit two homers yesterday, but I wouldn't be surprised if he hits another one today against Kyle Kendrick.  Braun hit a couple off of him in his last start.  There's no reason the outfielder-formally-known-as-Mike can't do the same.  Also, his price is going to go up and I want him in my lineup one last time before it does.

OF - Justin Upton - What!?  No Adam Eaton?  Eaton would be a pick if the weather wasn't terrible, but Upton is a great pick here, even going against the tough Gio Gonzalez.  Upton is absolutely locked in right now.  I don't think it matters who is on the mound.

That's it guys!  I think this is a solid lineup that should earn you a little money today.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup for 4/12 - Early Squeeze

Good morning!  I finished just outside of the top 50 out of over 10,000 entries in last night's Squeeze using a variation of the lineup below.  I ended up switching up a few position players because of the potential for rain and that worked out well for me.  It's a shame Darvish couldn't come away with a Win after the gem he tossed last night.  The weather doesn't look like it will be a big issue today.

Here are the picks I'm going with in the Early Squeeze today.  I'll do what I can to get some Evening picks up later, but I can't make any promises.  If you follow the general style of my picks, you should finish in the black over the long term.  We won't win every night...or even half.  My lineups may even finish in the bottom 10% some nights, but the successful lineups will more than make up for those losses.  You have to be patient when playing daily fantasy.  It's nice of the other sites to provide their "picks of the day," which are all the highest priced players at each position.  That's not helpful for anyone.

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P - Alex Cobb - Tough call between Shields and Cobb in the day games.  I like Waino, but he's struggled historically against the Cubs.  I'm sure he'll pitch a great game, but I'm worried he won't meet value.  I'm leaning towards Cobb here because Reds hitters have no experience against him.  Simon takes the hill against him, so I like his odds at picking up the win here.

C - Devin Mesoraco - He's swinging a hot bat since coming back from injury.  I know he's going against my pitcher, so hopefully the damage is minimal.  Getting 2 points out of Devin will be enough to provide solid value here.

1B - Matt Adams - He's hitting everything but homeruns right now.  He's bound to get into one eventually.  Villanueva seems like a solid candidate to oblige him.  He's also still priced at only $3,300, which is an awesome value for a player with his skill set.

2B - Jason Kipnis - I'll spend on middle infielders when the matchup is this juicy.  Paulino is a fly ball pitcher in a hitter friendly park.  I feel like Kipnis is going to have a huge day today.  If you don't have the money, I like Kolten Wong's matchup against the Cubs today.

3B - Evan Longoria - He's hit a couple homers off of Simon in the past.  The Rays haven't hit a lick in their last few games, but I think that changes today.

SS - Asdrubal Cabrera - He's been hitting lead off most of the year and can do a little bit of everything.  He's priced very nicely, even with his recent string of solid games.  If you have money to spend, Tulo has ridiculous numbers against Cain in the past.  A good mid-tier guy is Alexei Ramirez - I don't think anyone is swinging as hot of a bat as him right now.

OF - Matt Holliday - He's probably the strongest guy in Major League Baseball.  He's had prior success against Villanueva and I have a feeling he'll be under-owned today.

OF - Mike Morse - He's another guy swinging a hot bat.  Luckily for us, his price hasn't gone up yet.  He gets a nice matchup today against Brett Anderson, who can be pretty hit and miss.

OF - Adam Eaton - He provided excellent value last night.  I'm pretty sure I've selected him more than any other member of FanDuel.

There's your winning lineup for the early games.  You heard it here first.  Tell me what you think, loyal reader...or readers!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Daily FanDuel Picks - 4/11 - Squeeze

I ended up breaking even last night.  The only lineup I had that finished in the money was the one with Marco Estrada pitching.  I made a large investment in Dickey that didn't pan out whatsoever.  Who would have thought Keuchel would outpitch him by that much?  The hitters did fine, but it just wasn't enough to overcome single digits from my starting pitcher.

There are a bunch of aces going tonight.  I don't see any way to finish in the money without having one of them in your lineup.  There are just no great value pitchers with decent strikeout potential going tonight.  My top two are Darvish and Price tonight, so feel free to build your own lineup being your own pick.  You've also got Jose Fernandez, Sale, Bumgarner, Cueto, and Liriano going tonight.  All of them with halfway decent matchups.  Porcello in Petco could be a nice value pick if you feel like gambling, but he's going against Cashner, so a win may be hard to come by.

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P - Yu Darvish - I was hesitant to pick him in his last start coming back from injury, but he was flat out electric.  He's has some unforgettable games against the Lastros in the past.  He's the highest priced pitcher tonight, but he also has the potential of a 20+ point night.

C - David Ross - I had to go cheap at a few positions to be able to afford Yu, but Ross has good career numbers against Sabathia and should get the start tonight behind the plate.  If you have money, get Yadi Molina in there tonight.

1B - Matt Adams - He's going to bust out with a multi-homer game soon and I want to be along for the ride.  I like his matchup against Shark in Busch tonight.  Goldschmidt is the pick here if you've got more money to spend.

2B - Brian Dozier - He's getting his homer stroke back and his price hasn't adjusted for it.  I like his chances at hitting another one tonight.

3B - Mike Moustakas - He has one hit this year.  One.  Hit.  But I can't afford anyone else.  There is pop in that bat and Gibson has struggled against lefties early in his career.

SS - Derek Jeter - I think he's the best value pick at SS tonight.  What is this, 1998?  He should be hitting 2nd again and has decent numbers against Lester in the past.

OF - Carlos Gomez - I'm sticking with the hot hand.  He gets another lefty to feast on tonight, even though it is Liriano.  His price is right, but if I decide to upgrade 3B, he'll probably be the guy I swap out.

OF - Adam Jones - I love his matchup tonight at home.  I think he hits his 2nd homer tonight against McGowan.

OF - Adam Eaton - I lot of familiar names here.  I'm riding the Eaton train until it derails...or finds the rails?  I'm not sure, but Carrasco sucks, so I like this pick.

For this lineup to be successful, we'll need a lot of help.  Darvish has to greatly outperform the other aces throwing tonight and some of my cheaper hitters (Ross, Jeter, Mous) have to provide some type of positive value.  It's not impossible.  We'll just need a few things to go the right way.